Entries written by Mike Zhang:

Tutorial: How to format old USB sticks to be bootable in new machines

Many programs allow one to boot an operating system from a USB; however, with the advent of UEFI BIOS options, some of the older formats of USBs are not as readily bootable on newer machines as before. Therefore, an additional program is needed for users to have a higher degree of compatability between booting operating […]

Creating a Home Server Part 1: Why should I? Hardware and Software

With the ubiquity of cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive, it seems irrelevant to have files stored on a home computer. However, with the new revelations about online privacy and security such as Gmail reading our emails and Facebook conducting psychological experiments on their users, keeping information on a private server […]

Google Tips: Changes to Google Drive

The subscription model for technology services is becoming more and more common. Reasons for this proliferation include guaranteed revenue for the software provider and consistent updates for the users. While users must become accustomed to both these changes, only one implies constant change: consistent updates. The inevitability is shown in the new changes in Google […]