Tutorial: How to Install Easy!Appointments on Ubuntu 14.04

Written Tutorial

If you have already installed a LAMP server, skip to installing Wallabag.

Installing a LAMP Web Server

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL Php/Python/Perl, which are the components of creating a web server. Previously, the acronym was used to remember which packages to install, but now we can install them all in one step.

  1. Open Terminal (A) and type the command to install “Task Select” (B). You will need to enter your password.
    sudo apt-get install tasksel


  2. Once the install is complete, run Task Select.
    sudo tasksel


  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to “LAMP server” using the keyboard arrow keys, press the “Space bar” to select the option (A), then press the “Enter” key to confirm (B)
  4. The install will ask for a password for the “root” use of MySQL. Create and enter a password and confirm it on the next screen.
  5. When the installation is complete, the LAMP Web Server will be setup and running.

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