Tutorial: How to Install Beansbooks on Ubuntu 14.04

BeansBooks is an Open Code cloud accounting web application that is flexible and scales easily. It simplifies accounting while providing insightful reports. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, read on to find out how to install BeansBooks on an Ubuntu 14.04 computer.

Creating a Home Server Part 4: Installing ownCloud 8 on Ubuntu 14.04

Now that we have the hardware, operating system, and web address, the next step is adding web applications to the server. ownCloud is a personal cloud storage solution similar to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive. However, instead of having files stored on servers somewhere in the world, they are stored on the server at […]

TechPop: An overview of Redmine Project Management Software

Project Management Software can be expensive and difficult to maintain. However, the Open Source Project, Redmine, provides a fully functional project management environment for small and medium sized businesses. Read on to find out more about the Free Web Application. 

Google Tips: How to Organize emails in Gmail Part 1: Categories and Labels

Email has quickly become the number one method of communication between individuals and corporations. From newsletters to private messages, it doesn’t take long for the inbox to fill with a digital mountain of mail. Google Gmail provides many tools to help manage incoming mail. Read on to find out how Gmail categories and labels can organize […]

Google Tips: How to Change Gmail Themes

Google accounts give users more abilities to customize the interface to better suit the user. Gmail themes provide colors and images to personalize the email client. Read on to find out how to change the overall theme of a Google Account.

Creating a Home Server Part 3: How to install no-ip client in Ubuntu

We have the hardware and operating system. Now we have to make our server accessible outside of our home network. Since many home accounts have a dynamic IP address, it is very difficult to constantly remember what set of numbers is the IP address of your home network. With a dynamic DNS client, instead of […]

Google Tips: How to create a Google Account

Whether you are starting a new business, or starting to use email, Google accounts are one of the most popular web accounts available. They provide access to online apps such as email, calendar, and document editing. Read more for steps to create a Google Account.

What’s new in 2015

January brings new aspirations. One for Tech Nerd Services is to provide more quality content regarding software and hardware relating to audiences from enterprise to home. In addition, new content will include YouTube videos! Happy 2015

Creating a Home Server Part 2: Installing the Operating System

The last Home Server article discussed the benefits, functions, and hardware related to setting up a home server. Some of these functions included a file backup system and a media centre. By now you have hopefully selected the appropriate hardware needed to create your home server. The next step is installing the operating system. While […]